2967 Narrow Screw Adjust Row Cleaner

2967 Narrow Screw Adjust Row Cleaner


Take advantage of time-saving technology with the 2967 Narrow Screw Adjust Row Cleaner designed for 15", 20", and 22" rows. These units can be raised and lowered with the turn of a knob when planter adjustments are needed to adapt to changing field conditions, all while maintaining consistent seed depth.


  • Adjusts in 1/16" increments and features a 7/8" socket to speed fine-tuning with ratchet or impact wrench
  • Depth indicator makes it easy to set depth
  • Reduces adjustment time because moving pins is not required
  • Adjustable wheel position settings (recommended setting, standing behind the planter, is left half leads left side and right half leads right side)
  • Mounts to row-unit faceplate
  • Specs


    • Weight: 37 lbs.
    • Length: 14.85"